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Nerdhaus Games BITE Social Deduction Party Game

As the harvest approaches, the villagers gather and ponder the coming winter. Among them darkness lurks, corrupting the town and its inhabitants. The villagers are prepared to take the matter into their own hands… Unlikely allies will rise either to save this village or condemn it.

Can you make it through the lengthening nights and save the town? Or is something creeping up on you, disguised as a neighbor, waiting for its chance to BITE?

BITE is a social deduction game played through conversations and action cards, with each side trying to sway villagers to evil or defy the monsters in your midst. Players take on secret roles like Villager, Vampire, Hunter, and Heretic to discover secrets about their enemies and adversaries, sway them to their side, or kill them off. Each turn is a one-on-one conversation where you try to get what you need from the other player without giving up too much yourself before your cards get played. By the final night, either darkness will have been rooted out of the town or it will have triumphed! 


BITE runs with 6 to 17 players, without or without a Mayor/moderator taking a role in the game, and playable in under an hour. Rules are quick to learn and laid out across two books: a rulebook for running play and a reference manual that details role strategy, action cards uses, and more. 10 roles (5 Good and 5 Evil) have access to 13 actions ranging from the fact-finding Talk card to specialties like Haunt, Stake, and Devour. Vampires have Bite cards they share with other players, spreading their malign influence and claiming their victims for an Evil victory.


Gather the village, find your roles, and Discover the Monster Within!

Nerdhaus Games BITE Social Deduction Party Game

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